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Drogheda Down Memory Lane Calendar 2018
Thu Nov 30, 2017


Drogheda Down Memory Lane Calendar 2018


We will have some very special guests on Tuesday morning, 4 local charities will receive the 2018 Drogheda Down Memory Lane Calendar in time to launch for Christmas. We will produce 1,000 Calendars which go on sale at €10 each which will net  €10,000 euro towards the services these great charities provide in the local area. 100% of the money goes direct to the Charity you purchase from. The charities set to benefit are Boomerang Youth Centre & Cafe; Boyne Fisherman's Rescue & Recovery; Drogheda Alzheimer Society and Drogheda Senior Citizens Group. Below you will find the details of how you can purchase one of these Limited Edition Calendars from next Tuesday.

Drogheda Down Memory Lane was started by Wheaton Hall resident Donna Hayes on 8 November 2011 when she began a Facebook page and put up a photograph of her mother Mary Collins-Coughlan and her grandmother Kathleen Collins. At that stage they thought they would just get about 50 members who might share a few pictures.The idea was to have people post pictures of Drogheda and Droghedeans from before 1990. The ‘likes’ started to come in for the first picture and they have never looked back since. Donna was soon joined as Admin by her mam Mary who is from Mell as Admin and the page grew like wildfire. Just a few weeks ago the membership of the page exceeded 16,000 members. Local people who now live all over the world log on to the page every day to see pictures of their home town

It is probably no exaggeration to say that this online facility has changed the lives of thousands of exiles in the far flung corners of the planet. The old adage is true,that a picture paints a thousand words, and every time a picture is posted the ‘likes’ immediately start flooding in. Spending time on the DDML Facebook page has now become an integral part of these emigrant’s lives as they treasure every crumb of nostalgia from their native home. A backward glance at Ireland can often raise their spirits and with DDML not only are they back in Drogheda with the click of a mouse – but they are back in time in the same instant. 
Peter Kierans said, ‘We are delighted to sponsor the 2018 DDML Calendar, it's a beautiful calendar which I'm sure will be well supported by the people of Drogheda to help maintain the services they offer in Drogheda.'

How to purchase the DDML 2018 Calendar:

Boyne Fisherman's Rescue & Recovery - 041-9804876 or from Boathouse or members of rescue. Will deliver direct to your door

Drogheda Alzheimer Society - Call Ann on Tel 087-2893698  Daycare Tel 0419841311 For sale in Jo Jo's, West St;Tuites Butchers.

Drogheda Senior Citizens Group - 041-9846753

Boomerang Youth Centre & Cafe - 041-9839916 Email:  Will post abroad if needed.







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