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Self Publishing Tips
Thu Oct 26, 2017

Tips for self-publishing your Book


You have finished writing your book and decided to self-publish! Here are some practical tips to help you get prepared for publishing your book.

♦ Decide on a Title for your Book. This is crucial to catching your target audiences' attention. We can help with this and show examples of previously printed material as a guide. If you are writing a non-fiction book it would be a good idea to use key words in the title.

♦ Book Cover Design.  A well-designed book cover is essential to stand out from other books in retail outlets. It would be advisable to hire a graphic designer to help you design a professional book cover. They will guide you through the elements of Book Cover design including colour, font and images. Reflect the tone and mood of your book in the book cover.

♦ Decide on format of book, landscape or portrait. If you look at books on the shelves of your local book shop you will notice that photography based books are often printed landscape. Books of a primarily print nature are more often printed in Portrait Format. Cost can also impact your choice of format as landscape books can use more paper/materials.

♦ Know what size you prefer, A4 - A5 etc. You will be required to choose the book size or 'trim' early in the self-publishing process as this will influence the cost of book printing and the number of pages in the printed book.

♦ Decide on Colour or Black and White.

♦ Work out approximately how many pages will be needed. This will determine how the book is to be finished. We can help you work out the page extent from your files.

♦ Let us advise you on various paper options available and suitable to the particular book.

♦ We can advise and show examples of different binding options best suited to the style of book you are producing. What binding option is required? Threadsewn, perfect bound, saddlestitched or case bound? The options available may be dependent on the number of pages in the book.

♦ Your target audience is important, this will dictate type size and format. We can advise on both of these and give you guidance on how to select appropriate fonts, colours etc.

♦ If you are designing the book yourself you need to consider whether the publishing software you are using is compatible with printing processes. Will it allow you to create a Print Ready PDF? We can advise and assist you in this.

Anglo Printers can offer a full design and book printing service, tailor made to suit your individual needs. Our Digital printing technology allows us to offer you a high quality Print on Demand(POD) book printing service. For more information on Book Printing or Self Publishing please call us on 1890 624 624 or email us on or submit the contact form below.


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