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Resolution in printing
Mon Nov 6, 2017


One of the most common issues in printing is artwork being supplied with too low a resolution. People often set up files for websites or for use on screens, for which 72 DPI (dots per inch) is fine. But files destined for print should be set to 300 DPI. Simply put, the more dots that make up the image, the higher the resolution. More printed dots in an inch means a higher-quality reproduction. 

When resolutions are too low the end result can be a blurred and pixelated final print. 

In Photoshop you can set the dots per inch on creating a new document by going to 'File > New' and entering 300 in the Resolution box. You should always aim to set the image to the size it’s to be printed and have the resolution as 300 DPI.

When saving a pdf from Indesign, Illustrator or whatever desktop publishing software you use, picking the “Press” option in the pdf presets will automatically give the correct resolution settings for quality print, as long as the images in the document are at least 300 DPI at 100% of their size.


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