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Marcin Fabisiak & Friends
Mon Jun 12, 2017

Great to see the musical talents of our Digital Print Department on display on the Ballast Stage at The Irish Maritime Festival at the weekend in Drogheda. Marcin Fabisiak(Guitar) & Mateusz Klos(Bass) and their band did a solid set as part of the Purple Sessions and went down a bomb! Marcin has been working as a printer in our Digital Print Department for five years and Matt for over a year.

Marcin writes the songs, sings and plays the guitar and Matt plays bass guitar. Marcin Fabisiak & Friends have been playing together as a group for two years. They play only original music and sing in their native Polish language. Their distinctive style is Folk music with a Polish edge. Music is a hobby for Marcin Fabisiak and friends, they play their unique music for fun and enjoyment. Marcin draws inspiration for his song writing from films, the news, experiences in his own life and those of family and friends.

The group have plans to do a live recording in a local studio during the summer months. Keep an eye on their YouTube channel to see their live recordings:


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