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Lean Management Training
Tue Nov 7, 2017

Three of our key team members recently attended a Lean Management Programme, Andy our Prepress Manager, Nigel our Print Estimator and Louise our Accounts Administrator. The training was facilitated by Steve Halpin and John Geoghegan of  ETAC Solutions, both of whom have a wealth of knowledge and experience in applying lean management. They had a very positive approach to teaching and helping our team members understand each element.

What is it Lean Business?

The aim of the training and mentoring was to introduce Lean business into Anglo Printers through the delivery of process improvements. The Anglo Printers team used the Lean Business programme as an opportunity to look at the processes being used at present and to evaluate how these could be improved to become more effective and add value. 

How did our team benefit from Lean?

Louise works in Finance and managed to uncover potential savings of almost €40k per year from the process for contracted work. Louise learned how to value stream map and she found this process very useful, this is where you take a process and look at the unproductive time and try to reduce it down. It’s important to include everyone in assessing a situation. Even the smallest suggestion can be the most cost effective. “I have a better approach to my daily tasks and to the time management of task completion as a result of the course.” - Louise Dyas.

Andy prepares orders for printing and has increased the value-add time of his process from 40% to over 50% – a 25% increase in capacity. "Participating in the Lean Thinking course has given me the tools to deal with an increasingly busy prepress department. I’ve learned that by applying something quite simple like 5s (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise & Sustain) to the office can help us see with much more clarity exactly what needs to be done and in what priority. I’ve found this leads to a better flow of jobs passing through the department, getting more jobs out to press more efficiently.” Andy Byrne

Nigel works in print estimation and has applied Lean thinking to increase output by 44% and reduced backlog by 46% to date. “The Lean course helped me to adopt a new way of thinking, the application of the 5s organisation tool helped to improve the efficiency of workflows and processes in the estimating department. You focus your mind on things that you knew could be done better, but never took the time to assess them.” Nigel Craig

The lean management training has helped Anglo Printers focus on the key business processes that directly affect our ability as an organisation to deliver value to our customers. We are focused on continuous innovation and improvement and creating a culture where the team uses problem solving to deliver improvements. Engaging in the process of lean management delivers a competitive advantage for Anglo Printers. Lean has enabled us to build stronger capabilities, reduce waste, work better and deliver more for our customers due to an improvement in the efficiency of processes.


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