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Employee in the Spotlight - Nigel Craig
Thu Jul 20, 2017


Nigel began his career with Anglo Printers 6 years ago.  

What is your role at Anglo Printers and what does it involve?


In my role I am responsible for pricing all enquiries by the company, from stationery to significant value tenders. I have experience working on projects for, amongst others, government bodies, banks & financial institutions, universities, transport networks, charity mailings and the horse racing Industry.

On a day to day basis I am responsible for ensuring that enquiries from six company reps, multiple large print management companies and a large assortment of other customers are turned around to meet their frequently demanding requirements.

The job entails having a full knowledge of the production process and determining the most efficient means of producing any particular product, of which rarely are any two the same.

Upon an order being placed, it is my responsibility to book the job into production, prepare a works instruction docket which communicates all necessary information on to the pre-press and production staff and liaise with any outwork providers. I will frequently liaise directly with the customer to ensure that their requirements are satisified.  

How has the company changed since?

In my time at Anglo it has changed considerably, from being a company focused on the local market, to a confident nationwide force with the equipment to match its ambitions.

What do you like most about Anglo Printers?

It has a young, yet experienced, people throughout every department.

What is your proudest moment at Anglo Printers?

Winning tenders that you've spent days preparing is always cause for satisfaction.

Tell us about your family?

First came Elaine (age 'classified'), then came Cookie, the jack Russell (7), then Robyn (3 ½) and the latest edition is Charlie (2). Any of the four on their own is quite a handful . but put them all together...

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

A saw, a saucepan and a lighter.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Most of it is spent picking Cheerios and Rice Crispies up off the floor and couch.

What is the one thing, you cant live without?


What would be the title of your autobiography?

Nigel Craig: My Memoirs

If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

The man who invented email. I'd like to know if he'd fully thought it through.

Favourite musician, band, book and movie?

The Stranglers, Encyclopaedia Britannica Children's Edition, Live and Let Die



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