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Employee in the Spotlight - Donnach Callan
Tue Aug 15, 2017

 Donnach Callan Production Manager Anglo Printers

Donnach Callan began his full-time career with Anglo Printers in 1996. Prior to that he had worked here for 6 years on a part-time basis.

What is your role at Anglo Printers and what does it involve?

My current role within Anglo Printers is as Production Manager. This involves planning for the day to day running of the factory and liaising with Reps and Customers. I also have my own customers who I look after for their printing needs.

How did you first learn about the company?

My father worked with Anglo Printers for 28 years so we were always aware of the company growing up.

How has the company changed since?

When I first started in Anglo Printers it was a laid-back factory with a very small team. We worked 9am to 5pm only and everyone had their tea together from a large pot which had 7 teabags in it. Now its 24hrs and everything moves at 100 mph, with technology playing a huge part in that progress.

What do you like most about Anglo Printers?

I can get to work in 20 mins without going through 1 set of traffic lights.

What is your proudest moment at Anglo Printers?

Achieving a distinction in Lean Manufacturing with a higher grade than Padraic.

Tell us about your family?

Married to Avril 12 Years and have 3 great kids with her.

Donovan Aged 9

Sadie Aged 7

Devon Aged 2

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

1. Immediate Family

2. Record Collection

3. Bike & Turbo

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to listen to Music during my spare time and I DJ at weekends with vinyl records only under the Moniker DJ OFFSET! I also enjoy Cycling and Road Racing whenever my ageing body lets me.

What is the one thing, you cant live without?

The Love and closeness of my Family.

What would be the title of your autobiography?


If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Jim Morrison

Favourite musician, band, book and movie?

Musician; John Martyn

Band: Foals

Book: i Read The News Today Oh Boy. Paul Howard

Movie: Rumble Fish




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